You can post nude and porn pictures and videos of adult men only.

Any illegal porn material (including but not limited to child porn) is strictly prohibited. You are totally responsible for ensuring that your posts do not contain illegal nudity or illegal porn.

Do not post images or videos of people who don't agree for that material to be published. It's your responsibility to make sure that the people involved agree to have their images published, before you publish them.

You must make sure you don't post images that may disturb other people. If you have your fetishes, you can share the relevant material in private only with people who accept to see them. That's including, but not limited to, posting foot fetish pictures in public. Some people may find those images disturbing, so make sure you only share them with the people who actually want to see them. Setting such pictures as your avatar is also considered to be a public posting.

Your profile picture can only be a picture of your face. Please avoid having pictures showing more people than one, as your profile picture.

You caan use this network to have fun and meet people, making sure you respect other people and the network. Also make sure your activity is legal and it doesn't cause any disturb to anyone.