What's Guys Connected

Guys Connected is a new Gay Social Network that enables you to find the guys you're interested in. We don't believe in the concept of just connecting gay men with other gay men. That's not good enough. We believe people have specific preferences and they should have the tools to find the people they really like. This network enables you to search using specific criteria, so you can find your perfect match.

This is the place where we can express ourselves as adult gay men, with no straight or underage people watching. It's just us, allowed to interact between us as we feel like.


Full access for free, for everyone

Unlike other networks, we will not ask you to pay for a different access level. Everything is available for free. Every account is a premium account for free. We just want people to have a great experience and enjoy a really good service.


Gay adult content

Only adult gay men are allowed here. So, when you log in, nudity is allowed. You can post nude or even porn content, as long as it's adult gay male material that you are allowed to publish. You can set your own privacy settings for everything you post. Can you take your cock out here? You can actually. As long as you are a gay adult man, you can post nude pictures or videos of yourself, or other gay men as long as the material is legal and you have permission to share it. Then, you can choose who can see that content.

Nothing is visible to people who are not logged in. What happens in Guys Connected, stays in Guys Connected.


Mobile version

Are there native apps? No. Apple and Google would never approve an app with adult material. But it's OK because you can just use the website on your phone and it will look very much like an app.


No links to Facebook, twitter, your email account

As we said, what happens in Guys Connected, stays in Guys Connected. One obvious reason is the adult content. But there's something more important than that. We are committed to protect people's privacy and we understand that a lot of gay men are not out. You may want to feel free to express yourself in a strictly gay environment, but without necessarily telling other people about what get up to here. We would never trick you into sharing information from here on Facebook, Twitter or other social media. We wouldn't even allow it to happen accidentally. Some gay networks and apps try to get you / trick you / almost force you to share your activity on Facebook. Others have a link which would automatically create an email from your account and add all your contacts, so you can tell all the people you know that you have a profile on a gay network. We find that totally unacceptable. If you want to write on Facebook that you have a profile here, you can choose to do it manually yourself.


We do NOT use cookies

Now, that's unusual. But it's true. Unlike almost every website, we do NOT use cookies. We will not collect information about your activity on other websites. We only have the information you have chosen to give us with your registration and your activity on this website. And that information stays here.


It's not just Boy Meets Boy

This network was created on the basis that different guys have different preferences. Being gay doesn't mean you just want to find any man. You may be looking for specific types, age groups, ethnic groups, body types. So, we have created all the tools you need for that. There are websites and apps for dads and sons, other websites and apps for bears and chasers, others for specific ethnic groups. Here, we combine everything. Guys Connected gives you all the tools you need, to find the person who matches not just one characteristic, but all the characteristics you're looking for.


The artwork

The artwork on Guys Connected was supplied by Matt Skingsley, a very talented artist based in London. We're expecting to get more illustrations from him in the future.